and here we can see two idiots celebrating bringing the same brand of underwear


Q2. What kind of hairstyle do you like on girls?

Either hair that is pulled into a ponytail, or a short haircut. As for color, it would be either black or red. When I’m talking about red and short hairstyles, I’m not referring to Niel. (Laughs)


- C.A.P from interview with CanCam (cr. fyteensontop)

Nobody went there, but hey by all means just bring Niel up Minsoo that’s cool too ^^

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ABC’s With Teen Top

C is for: Cold Hearted C.A.P







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"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."
— ― John Wooden (via psych-quotes)

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A wink and a kiss from Ahn Daniel~


We win you lose haa haa beat that! ^_^


Moment NAP NAP So Cute (>///<)

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listen to this and i dare u to tell me he cant sing

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there are no words that can sufficiently express my feelings right now. after 1.5 years since your debut, you finally won your first music show award, followed by your second win. after 2.5 years since your debut, you released your first full album. and now, 3 years after the debut, 2 singles, 1 summer special, 1 full album, and 4 mini albums later… you have won your third music show award and marked a new achievement in your career.

i will never know how many drops of sweat have come out of your body. i will never know how many tears you’ve cried. i will never know just how much pain, stress, or frustration you’ve been through. and i can never fully understand how much hard work you’ve put into what you do to get to where you are. but i do know this:
you deserve each and every award that has come your way ~ each and every award.

i hope all the good times you’ve experienced ~ a good time like this ~ outweighs all the negative you have to deal with. with or without an award, you are always a winner in my heart. i will always be by your side, giving you the support you need. i will do everything in my power to send more happiness your way ~ because it is exactly what you do for me.

Teen Top, CONGRATULATIONS! Teen Top is #1!
틴탑 장난아냐!